Painless laser dentistry


Biolase is a new form of technology that is not only used to treat TMJ, but also can be used for ideal bracket placements, soft tissue treatments and the removal of bacteria and infection from the tooth. Dr. Ana Scopu is one of the 6% of Dentists that own laser technology covering such treatments. There are many benefits that accompany the Diolase Laser (a form of Biolase technology), besides being a noninvasive tool, there is often little to no need for the usage of Anesthesia. As one of the top rated tools for decreasing patient anxiety and pain, those who feel uncomfortable with the usage of needle or tool-to-tooth contact will be much happier and adjusted with the Diolase tool. The Devices efficiency and versatility in treating patient’s teeth, makes it a painless, great tool for both practitioners and patients when used.

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